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    Table relationships



      Table relationships


      Im using different tables. (table 1 - table2)

      with different fields inside (table1::field1, etc..)

      Now, when Im in format of table1 and I drag and drop a field from table2

      the tool asks me which field from which table and correctly drop table2::field1 on the screen

      but its has an orange pin on it and that field doesnt work.

      The first question is: I cant just drop field_x from table2 on the format of table1 to see it?

      I've tried to build a relationship. So I made a field_x on table 1 and related to field_x of table 2 (=). The pin is again orange and the filed is not displaying anyway


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          I think the "orange pin" you are referring to is really a yellow magnifying glass that FileMaker 11 uses to identify fields that will be searched more slowly during a quick find or regular find. (Searching related fields is slower than searching fields that are part of the current layout's data source table.)

          If this isn't working for you, you will need to check the details of your relationship and the data currently stored in the relationship's match fields of the records in both tables.

          Putting related fields directly on the layout assumes either a one to one relationship (one record in table 1 matches to exactly one record in table 2) or that you only want to show data from the "first" related record. Thus, if you have more than one related record in table 2, you may not see the data you expected because you are seeing data from the other related table.

          You'll also want the match fields for this relationship to be of matching data types as well.

          These are all just general guidelines. You'll have to do some checking and/or report back with more details about your database before we can do more to help.