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Table Relationships

Question asked by PeterDurant on Nov 27, 2012
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Table Relationships


     I have what I think is a pretty basic question, but not being overly skilled at FM or Database constrution in general I was hoping someone here could help me out:

     I have created a master table with all customer details (name, address, company, etc.) and have linked it successfully to past purchasing history.  This creates a large database with a lot of information.  Next, each customer is assigned a salesman and I have created a new table for each salesman. 

     I am looking to populate the salesman tables with information from the master database with information limited to only those customers assigned to the specific salesman.  The problem is I can't seem to link and populate the salesman table from the master table.  I am looking for the salesman to log in to the table and see all of his customers (I don't want to use a portal).

     I guess I am looking to mirror the main database except filtered for the individual salesman.

     Any ideas?