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    Table relationships



      Table relationships


           I'm new to filemaker and i've never been good at creating databases. But desperately need a way to manage my company computer system.

           The idea is that i have a few computers that i loan out to people as and when they need them as i need to keep a track of them as a few have gone missing. I have a table with all the names of the people who would potentially 'loan' the computers out, the computer names, and also the dates of which they can borrow them from.

           From the tutorials ive seen i need to eliminate many to many table relationships such as the computer names and date and create as sub table. But there is where i get lost.

           I know this sounds as if im trying to get somone to create my database for me but a little help it terms of organising my tables and relationships would be a great help

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               Many People could Borrow Many Computers.

               A table for each Loan would sit between the People and Computers.

               Similar to Class attendance      Many Students could take many Classes    Many Classes could have many Students.

               A Table called Attendance would relate to Students and Classes.