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table relationships problem

Question asked by tomo17 on May 15, 2011
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table relationships problem


i am having some difficulties getting the relationships to work between three tables .  Here is my problem:

I have a "master" table that is a student list with surname, name, class (two options) and semester as the fields.

I then have two further tables that are related by student code (serial number) to the master table - one for each of class with relevant assessment fields (these each have different requirements)

I have a layout that is used to sort the class and semester using the master table and then take the user to a data entry layout for the subject.

Here i run into the problem - when i go to the data entry page i have the required records showing up but i am unable to make any entries. (I use drop down menus with values to enter data).  Am i wrong in my thinking that this is because the student names are not actually in this table but referenced from the master table? or am i using the wrong field as the relationship? would "class" be better?

My previous work around has been to have everything on one table, and then have the layouts show only the required relevant fields (in this case over 80 fields).  this was quite cumbersome and on reflection i am sure that there is an easier way (which is what i am trying above).

Many thanks for any help - i couldn't quite find the answer through other posts that helped me understand what was going wrong or how to solve it.