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Table relationships: sponsor/sponsee

Question asked by yoelcita on Jan 18, 2010
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Table relationships: sponsor/sponsee


I'm fairly new to FileMaker (Pro 10).  Right now I'm creating a database for a non-profit sponsorship program.


I have created two tables: Sponsors and Sponsees.  Sponsors may have multiple sponsees, but sponsees only one sponsor.  I have set up table relationships such that if the user enters a sponsee code into a field in the sponsor table, that sponsee's general information is visible there so that you can see who the sponsor is supporting.  It's a bit rough; I have created ten fields (ten table relationships), which limits sponsees to ten -- not ideal, but it's not likely to need more than that.


What I would like to have, in addition to this, is for that sponsor's information to automatically show up in the sponsee table as well, so that one can see if the sponsee has been added to a sponsor (rather than having a "mirror image" portal in the Sponsee table to also be entered manually, which seems like an open door for a lot of holes).  Is there a way to do this, or perhaps ideas for a cleaner way to go about it?


I searched for similar questions someone might have had, but if already answered, I didn't find it.  Thanks in advance for any help!