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Table Setup

Question asked by Frinholp on May 6, 2010
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Table Setup


I am creating a database for an art gallery. The people I will be tracking in my database will be Artists, Potential Artists and Clients. I will be holding different types of data on each of these but some data will be common to all such as contact details, account created etc.


I see it as I have two options:-



(i) Create three seperate tables one for artists, one for potential artists and one for clients.



(ii) Create a Contacts table that will hold clients, artists and potential artists. I would have three table occurences of the contacts table in my relationships graph, one for artists, one for potential artists, one for clients. They would be dertimined by their type. If they are an artist an ArtistID would be generated for them, if they are a client a ClientID would be generated for them using their ContactID. I would then have a three other tables that would hold data specific to their contact type e.g studio for artists or delivery address for clients creating a relationship using their generated ArtistID and ClientID.



Would this second option be feasible and what would be the benifits?



Thanks in advance