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Table to Table

Question asked by CharlesGoings on Sep 20, 2010
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Table to Table


I have two tables one is a client table with all pertinent fields and the second is a completerecords table what I am trying to do is have the information once it is entered into the first layout (the client layout) that it will also post to the completerecords table. 

I have same schema including housekeeping in both fields, the completerecords table has one extra field called recordupdate_id so that no matter how many changes are made we still have copies of the original and every update done to each record. I have made the relationship and made it where each record can be created via the relationship in both directions. yet I am not getting any records in the completerecords table at all.

So can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or how to fix this situation so that it will always copy the records over to the completerecords table?

I am using Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced.