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TABLE VIEW Crashes often when I installed Apple OSX 6 with Filemaker Pro 10.0v3

Question asked by edowells on Dec 10, 2009
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TABLE VIEW Crashes often when I installed Apple OSX 6 with Filemaker Pro 10.0v3


Hi. I've been a Filemaker user since 1986 on Macs, I recently upgraded to Filemaker 10. I'm basically a single user who has designed my own Song database. I have about 110 records in 7 related databases. When I upgraded to Snow Leopard (now 6.2), I began having crashes in Table View of one of the related dbs. It happens when I try to sort, using some of the headers, or when I scroll it often gives me the whirling ball and crash. If I sort using the menu, it doesn't seem to crash, although I need to experiment more with this.


The particulars: I have a db that uses records from a PIECE db and a RHYTHM db cleverly called PIECERHYTHMS. All records have their own ID: ie. PieceID, RhythmID, and then PieceRhythmID as well. Often I will try to sort in table view by "tempo" of "feel." Crash. Hope this is helpful. In this Table View in PieceRhythms, I have visible all the ids, some Piece fields (Title, ID), some Rhythm fields (Feel, Duple or Triple) and then I have fields from the PIECERHYTHM db (tempos, etc.). I use as many fields as I want, because I've never had a problem. Often they go off to the right, and I have to scroll to them. Hope this makes sense.


Although I have been designing & using databases for a while, I really don't understand what is going on under the hood. I understand relational dbs, but often forget when creating a new db. I have very little experience with Calculations. Does anyone (smarter than me) have any ideas or suggestions. I appreciate any help I can get.