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Table/record functioning strange

Question asked by CDCASA on Feb 17, 2012


Table/record functioning strange


Hi, I am having issues with my records in table view on multiple layouts of my database. When you initially access the layout(s) in table view, all of the records are present and in order, however, when you click on any of the records in the table some of the other records "disappear". For example, I have a screenshot attached of an example table this is happening to (although it happens to all of my table view layouts) and on this particular layout there are 5 records. Initially you can see all 5 records in order of their DocID (the way I set them to be sorted) but when you click on the 3rd record, for example, all of the preceding records disappear from the table (as seen in the image). The only way to get all of the records to come back is to click the round button (twice) at the top left of the page that has the number of records and how many records are sorted next to it. What this tells me is that it is some sort of sorting capability but all it is doing is confusing my users. Also, it resorts the records in different orders than I want them to be and essentially overrides the sorting that I assigned to the table in the first place. Please tell me how to turn this function off or at least disable users from being able to reorganize the records in the tables in this manner. Thank you.