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      I already have a fairly big database of school data that contains different fields.  In fooling around with things it seems that my field names are now blank and state 'table missing' in all of them.  Can someone help me in telling me how I can get my information back the way it was???

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          Your Platform? Win or Mac?

          Your FMP version?

          Any idea what fooling around you did?

          My guess is relations were changed that caused the links to tables to be disconnected. This can be true in early versions as well as later versions of FMP.

          You were working on a copy, I hope. 

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            Good questions!

            1) Windows

            2) 8.5

            3) I was attempting to find an easy way of creating a table that would show multiple items for each student easily.  I toyed around with the relationships and tables under the define database option.  I eventually deleted the 2 tables I had under the relationship tab.  Now, all the fields on my layouts show 'missing table'.  When I choose any of the fields, the 'display data from' dropdown option is blank but does allow me to choose my table from the pull down menu.  My table is not the default setting though.

            4) I was not working from a copy as I guess I am a rookie with filemaker, but I will learn my lesson and its not that much work to start from another file.

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              If you deleted the table occurances in the relationships tab there is no wonder you cant see/edit you data. However it isen´t that big of a deal (since its not more then two)


              A layout does not look straight at a table in the database. It is connected to a table via a Table Occurance. This is what gives a table a "context" in the relationship graph. Basicly.. makes it possible to use the same table several times in the graph. I a table don´t have any occurance present in the relationship graph a cant be selected as a datasource for a layout.


              In your case. Add atleast one occurace of each table in the relationships graph (try to restore eventual relationships if you can) and then reset wich table your layouts shall display data from. The occurences you added should show in the dropdown list in the layout setup dialog.  When a occurance is selected, make sure that the fields on your layout points to the correct field in the table, there should not be a dubble colon "::" infront of the fieldname. A "::" indicates that the field referenced to a related table.


              Hope this helps and as DavidAnders pointed out.. always play around with copies =D

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                I had the same thing happen to me- I was messing with table relationships, deleted my main table, and now all my fields say "table missing".  But I have added the table back into the relationships graph as you suggested and reconnected it to its related tables, and all my fields are still coming up missing. The main table I added back to the relationships graph does show up in the drop down list in layout setup, but it is still the empty table.  Please don't tell me I deleted my db.  I thought that couldn't happen if you just removed the occurence from the relationships graph.  I can see in Manage>Database that the records and fields are stilllisted under "Tables", and under "Fields" my field names are still listed, but the fields with calculations say field name 'unkown' or 'field missing'.  Ugh, panic, please help!!

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                  Don't panic, your data is still there. You deleted the table occurrences (TOs) from the relationship graph; you did not delete the underlying tables.


                  However, your layouts won't automatically reconnect to the new TOs. You'd have to manually point each object on your layout to the new TO and select the field. 


                  Best bet would be to go to a backup and import your data if needed. 


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                       Yay!  My db has returned! Thank you for your help.