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      Hi, I've had no training in Filemaker and I'm totally at a wall, I've managed to set two tables up, I want to print numbers to a letter type document but its not working.  I've linked the two tables and inserted merge fields but its saying table not found, can someone please help as I find the website a nightmare to find any information. Thank you, Cath.

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          Hi Cath


          can you say us more about your two tables ?


          Which are the fields ?

          Are they related ?

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            Thank you for your post.


            The questions from "raybaudi" are important to determining a cause.  What are the names of your two tables?  Under "Manage -> Database...", click on the Relationships tab, and you will see a graphical representation of your tables.  Did you link the two tables together?  If so, what is the name of the "key" related fields in both tables?  On the layout, what is the name of the merge field, and is it related?  The merge field should display the name of the table.


            Any additional information you can provide may help determine possible solutions.



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