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    Tables and relationship



      Tables and relationship


           I'm trying to setup a student grading system(SGS) but finding it difficult to set up the tables and the appropriate relationship. The SGS is as follows

           1. the school system runs an academic  session so i will create TableSESSION

           2. each session is divided in to three parts called (1st Term, 2nd term , 3rd Term) so i will create TableTerms to hold the        three terms

           3. each of those three terms conduct three examinations before proceeding to another term that is three exams in 1st term before moving to 2nd term and another three exams in 2nd term before moving to 3rd term and after 3rd term, a new session starts with 1st term

           4. Each of those three examinations are graded and similar subjects are taken in all examination ( i think i need TableSUBJECT)  and the the Totals of the first, second and third  exam is cummulatively added together in the third examination every term.

           5. The examination are conducted at different classes called (GRADE1,GRADE2....) so i need TableCLASS

           6. similar subjects are offered in all the different grade level

           7. new students are registered into different grade level at a particular term and session and  they will offer all the subjects allocated to that level (i need TableSTUDENTS)

           So how do i relate these tables if i realy need them all?






           i dont know if i'm asking too much , i just need some guidiance

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               Here's a possible starting point for your relationships:


               Session::__pkSessionID = Terms::_fkSessionID
               Terms::__pkTermID = Student_Examination::_fkTermID
               Examinations::__pkExaminationID = Student_Examination::_fkExaminationID
               Students::__pkStudentID = Examinations::_fkStudentID
               Class::__pkStudentID = Class::_fkClassID

               Student_Examination is a Join table that links Terms, Examinations and Students. One record in this table represents one exam taken by one student. The student's score on each individual exam would be entered into a field in this table.

               For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

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            Thanks phil I will now  try  your suggestion and see how i can accomplish my objective. Thanks  
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                   from the reply above, I'm a little bit confused here


                        Class::__pkStudentID = Class::_fkClassID

                   was that a mistake or Table occurence of class?

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                     Sorry about that: Students::_fkClassID = Class::__pkClassID