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Tables and Relationship help

Question asked by SkipGilleland on Nov 4, 2014
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Tables and Relationship help


I am trying to build a solution for an athletic club that is multi-tenancy.  I need to be able to have clubs see thier own athletes, teams, etc.
I want to start off in the right direction with tables and relationships and am looking for some advice.  In app, I will have Directors, Managers, Coaches, Parents, athletes, and volunteers.  I am thinking of make a "People" table and then classifying them by thier perspective titles (one person can be multiple titles).  I have watched videos from and think I can get this figured out.

My issue is what tables I need for the CLub, which can have mutltiple locations.  Also, there are divisions for the sport (age groups, 13 and under, 14 and Under, etc), within each of those divisions there will be multiple teams (Elite, Gold, Silver, etc), within teams there will obviously be players.
I am also told that I need a "roster" table, I am not sure why.  Anyhelp on the initial tables and relationships would be a great help.

I should also mention that we will be evaluating each athlete on performance, for both games and practices, I would guess that I can do that in one
table and just use classifications?

Thanks in advance for your input!