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Tables and Relationships

Question asked by WinstonChurchill on Oct 4, 2010
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Tables and Relationships


I believe tables and relationships are something I should really know about if I'm going to use FM to it's best. But I'm trying to self teach myself FM without reading the manual back to front.

My goal is a multi-tabbed layout (8 tabs on main sheet) each tab has at least 3 or more tabbed sheets within them and in some cases these second layer tabs have tabbed sheets within them as well. The purpose of the database is for data gathering and I would require only 1 record per job.

I've created everything in the first 2 tabs of the upper tab sheet and have about 600 fields in one table. Tab 7 & 8, will have a 4 tabbed sheet within each and each of these tabs will have a 5 tabbed sheet within them and each of these tabbed sheets will have a further 10 tabbed sheet within them. So 200 pages under tab 7 and the same under tab 8.

Each page would be identical, so it occurred to me that the easiest solution was to make a table with all the fields (about 30) that will appear in each of these pages and duplicate the tables for every instance.

However as soon as I created a new table and added a few fields to the document, all of the fields that were related to the table to the first two tabs went missing.

So what am I doing wrong, is it something I can correct or do I need to go back to my last saved version. What do I need to do to avoid this, is there a simple guide to tables and relationships, the tutorials and help sections seem to have this info spread out over the whole tutorial/help base and it seems like I'l need to read everything to get started.