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    tables for visual presentation



      tables for visual presentation


       i have a simple cash table and would like to have a layout to display cash by date in a nice table. is this possible using filemaker pro 10 at all? currently, i am using fields with names w0101 for week 1 day 1, w0102 for week 1 day 2, w0103... and so on, and multiply that to 365. imagine having a table with at least 1300 fields or so that would only last for a year and needs to be emptied each year. any help or suggestion will be of great help!


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               Yes, this can be done from your simple table.

               A calculation field can return the date for Sunday of the same week as a way to organize your data by week. Summary fields and one row filtered portals can provide daily totals to arrange your data into 6 daily total columns.

               You can base your layout on a table of one record for each week or you can use sub summary layout parts on a layout based on your simple cash table that group your records by week to produce one row for each week.

               This is called a "cross tab" report.

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             Thanks! I will do my best to work on it with your suggestions.