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Tables in forms of Filemaker

Question asked by on Aug 27, 2014
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Tables in forms of Filemaker


     I have a reservation form and I want to put how many services were contracted in one reservation.

     For exameple the reservation one can contract the services 2,5 and 7 and I want to put this information in the reservation form but I want a table to see all the services contracted. But I don't know how to make that one table appear in the form.

     I read that a lot of people use portals. But I don't know how can I add and delete a register in portals.

     I attached a picture that I took of one of the initials solutions of Filemaker. I want to do something like that but I dont now what are the took that they are using and I dont know what are the scripts, the codes, or the procedures that they are using.


     Thanks for the help