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    Tables Question



      Tables Question



           I have a question that might be very stupid but I just want to make sure before I change things around.  I have a database that records various client information at the moment.  There is a clientinfo table which recoreds name, address, DOB, A staff table which records name, staff number, email and a Next of kin table which records name and relationship.  I now need to expand the database to record the address of staff members as well as the address of NOK.  Is the proper way to do that by creating an addresses table and linking it via relationships to the three seperate tables by their PK? 



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               Would it be easier to just add the new fields to the exisiting tables?

               Eg: Add a staff address field to the Staff Table, and NOK address field to the NOK Table.  Then it's just a matter of adding the field to the layouts.




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                 I can do that no problem but I want to make sure that is the proper way to do it.  I thought if there was common fields among different table they were meant to be on one table and just linked by a relationship.

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                   I tend to believe that sharing common data should be in a seperate tables and linked by a relationship, rather than just sharding a common field name.

                   Common data would be more like Suburb Names and ZIp Codes used for the addreeses in your Client, Staff and NOK Table...


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                     I'd set up a single table called contacts that would store, name address and contact info for all clients, staff and next of kin. THen use multiple relationships linking on an ID number in the contacts table to the other tables. That puts all contact info in a single table and avoids unecessary duplication should, for example, two different clients list each other as next of kin or should a member of your staff also need to be a client. A field in contacts can identify a contact record as "client", "staff", NOK or a combination of the three.

                     You may also need a "join" table between contacts and next of kin as one person could be kin to multiple contacts.