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Tables vs. Files

Question asked by scottm on Nov 10, 2008
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Tables vs. Files


I am fairly new to Filemaker and I am looking for some advice about the design of an inventory / rental database I am setting up.


The database is essentially set up to do a few things

1) track purchases by PO & Invoice #'s

2) keep an record of the school's equipment assets

3) keep track of rentals to outside clients

4) keep track of student's & faculty borrowing equipment for classes & projects

5) keep track of service done to assests in the database.


What I am wondering is does it make sense from a performance standpoint to keep this all as one large file with relational tables, or to keep them as separate files which reference to each other?  I expect that there will be several thousand individual assest entered in eventually as well as a few dozen rental / borrows per week.  From a structural standpoint, I don't think it matters, but as the number of records add up and the file becomes very large, does will the database slow down if it is all one file?