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    Tabs and



      Tabs and


           I have a layout with 3 tabs. One tab for each class session. In each tab is a listing of days of the week and classes for the session. Each tab has it's own fields and value lists for all days.  The trouble I am having is the confirmation layout. The confirmation is set to only pull fields from tab 3.

           The trouble is if a contact has classes on Monday only in session 3  (tab 3) and nothing else but they had Tuesday in in Tab 2 checked off, the confirmation still pulls the tab 2 information and populates that files. Even though the confirmation layout  only has the fields for tab 3 in it. why does it still show the tab 2 data and how can I fix this?



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               This is the confirmation and as you can see there is an extra class that is taking the information from tab 2. It only takes on field Tha class filed not the dates or day of the week

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                 There are any number of possible reasons, but the trouble starts at the data level and those are details not described in your initial posts here.

                 When you say that  "The confirmation is set to only pull fields from tab 3." What exactly does that mean? What does the confirmation layout look like if you post a screen shot of it made while it is in layout mode?