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Tabs and Charts in reports

Question asked by PaulBurton on Mar 30, 2011
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Tabs and Charts in reports


In a report I created, I want to add Tabs and then I want to add a chart next to the tabular data.

I assume (never a good thing) that I could just create a "Frame" like I would in Word and put the chart in the frame. Not so.  When I insert a chart, it creates a separate chart for every record in the Body of the Layout.  I want ONE chart summarizing all the data in the Body.


Country Rev07 Rev08

abc 1 2

def 1 2


Total 2 4

The fields Rev07 and Rev08 are actually Calculated fields from another table.  What I want is to insert a trailing grand total under the last entry.

Ideally I would like Tabs, which I assume will allow me to have a separate report on each tab?  How do I do this?