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    Tabs and Charts in reports



      Tabs and Charts in reports


      In a report I created, I want to add Tabs and then I want to add a chart next to the tabular data.

      I assume (never a good thing) that I could just create a "Frame" like I would in Word and put the chart in the frame. Not so.  When I insert a chart, it creates a separate chart for every record in the Body of the Layout.  I want ONE chart summarizing all the data in the Body.


      Country Rev07 Rev08

      abc 1 2

      def 1 2


      Total 2 4

      The fields Rev07 and Rev08 are actually Calculated fields from another table.  What I want is to insert a trailing grand total under the last entry.

      Ideally I would like Tabs, which I assume will allow me to have a separate report on each tab?  How do I do this?

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          The only way you can list multiple records inside a tab in a tab control is to use a portal to list multiple records from a related table. If you set that up, then either summary fields defined in the related table or calculation fields, defined in the layout's table, using the sum function can be placed below the portal to compute grand totals.