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Tabs and Fields behind (FM12)

Question asked by ArmutElma on Jan 21, 2014
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Tabs and Fields behind (FM12)



     I've searched through the forum and found similar questions and answers however my question is slightly different. Or so I think!

     So I have a form with fields on it. I then inserted a small tab control with 3 tabs, namely blank, p1, p2.

  1.           First tab, "blank"s fill and line is set to transparent - so it's literally blank.
  3.           Second tab, p1 has a mini form with a couple of fields and a button that takes user to the third tab, p2.
  5.           Third tab, p2 has the success message and a button to close (go to object blank).

     I set a script trigger from one of the fields on the form behind (not in the tab control). Once the field is modified, script is triggered to go to object p1. This is done to mimic pop-up window action. User then enters some information and clicks on a button that takes the user to p2, the success screen.

     The problem is, when I click on tabs p1 and p2, I also get into fields in the form behind the tab control. I just want to be able to enter into the fields on that tab and not on the form behind.

     Things I've tried or confirmed:

  1.           I do not have any header or footer parts on my layout.
  3.           I tried to bring the whole tab control to front by selecting the entire tab control, go to Arrange > Bring to Front
  5.           I re-numbered the tab order to make sure it comes after all the fields in the background form(unrelated but trying everything)

     If anyone has any suggestions it'll be greatly appreciated!

     Have a great week!