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    Tabs and Pictures



      Tabs and Pictures


           So I am new to FM but cannot seem to get a grip on how to do two things.  First, I can create multiple tabs, however whenever I click on different tabs, all the fields/information from the original first tab is in all the tabs.  


           Second, I cannot seem to figure out how to create a button that will allow me to upload a picture of a client onto the database I create.


           Any help would be wonderful, thank you!

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               Enter layout mode.

               Drag the tab control down until it neither touches nor crosses the boundary between header and body.

               You may not need that button but such can be created. First you need a container field into which you can insert either a copy of the image file of your client or a reference to it. (Look up container fields in FileMaker Help to learn more.) If you right click such a field you will get a pop up menu that includes Insert Picture as an option. This option is also available if you click the container field and then pull down the Insert menu.

               A button can achieve the same result if it performs a script that includes two steps:

               Go to field []
               Insert Picture

               If you have any follow up questions, please let us know what version of FileMaker that you are using. There are a significant number of new features for container fields that were released with FileMaker 12.