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    Tabs and tables how to have multiple



      Tabs and tables how to have multiple


      Hello I need clarification on working with tabs. I have created 5 tabs that previously I have manuevered to a different  layouts all with their own table information. I can not figure how to use a separate table for each tab is this possible? Currently when I click from tab to tab information from tab one is visible all the way to tab 5? I have read about using a portal and in some instances my previous layouts contain protal information although this is not what I am after. Do tabs act as a layout with their own table information and if so what am I doing incorrectly.

      Why is information going to every tab?

      I believe I read somewhere that this should be possible.

      Thank you for some guidance.

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          Here what u can do is, u create similar tab looking in each of the 5 tables, and for each tab, place a button for "to goto layout"(i.e. goto corresponding layout).

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            yes I can see doing that but I was thinking on a design standpoint the tabs would be the way to go and visually I like the way they look.

            Unfortunatley I can't use a tab and assign it as a button of course I can just create an oval if that is the only solution.

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              Each tab of a tab control cannot refer to different table occurrences. They will all refer to the same occurrence listed in Show Records From in Layout Setup...

              Your only options if you want this interface is to either place portals (Portals do not have to look like a table nor do they have to display more than one record at a time), or as Raj kumar suggested, create matching layouts that simulate the look of a single tab control with multiple table references.

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                Wow. Thanks for the helpful answer - I would have been tearing my hair out.

                But ... my god ... am I the only one to wonder, then, what the point of tabs is? Or, rather, wonder at the headache bestowed upon us by this?

                If I've understood this correctly, if I want to display data from a different table in a tab (tab 1: "jobs", tab 2: "invoices"), I need to define every field in tab 2 as a portal field?!

                Uuuuuuuuugh. Nasty.

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                  Considering that once upon a time we didn't have tab controls at all, I'm thankful for what we do have. Several people have suggested that a future version of FileMaker should make it possible for a different tabs to refer to different table occurrences to do what you describe.

                  As currently implemented, however, tab controls lend themselves best to a form view of the data, not a list or table view. If you want to see multiple records from different tables in each tab, then portals are your only practical option unless you want to simulate this effect as Raj kumar suggested.

                  I generally avoid the issue by defining my list view layouts with a common navigation button bar. Where you would click a tab to switch from the Jobs tab to the Invoices tab, I have my users click a button to switch from the Jobs layout to the Invoices layout. Much simpler than setting this up with a tab control. (And if needed, the buttons can include scripting to synchronize the two lists of data.)

                  Feel free to give a more detailed description of what you want to do if you are interested in alternative approaches.