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    Tabs don't work



      Tabs don't work


      Please help! 

      I've tried setting up tabs as per the tutorial and the buttons are there but they don't do anything. On the tutorial it says create the button then cut data and paste it into the new tab. This doesn't happen as clicking on the tab does sod all and the data ends up just being pasted on the same front page over the tab button. Please tell me there's an easy solution for this. 

      Many thanks!

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          In layout mode:

          - click on the tab panel once.  This will highlight/select the complete panel.

          - click on the particular tab you want to place the fields in.  This will highlight the tab name and make it the active tab.

          - Paste the fields on to that tab.  Make sure they do not protrude outside the tab area.

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            Thanks for your answer. It's not working, Ive tried a few times (and is what I had been trying) all it does is 'paste' the info on top of the tab.

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              Create a black box and drop it on to the first tab, and a white box and drop it on to the second tab.  Go back into browase mode.  Click the first tab.  Do you see the black box?  And when you click the second tab?

              If they do not work the way you want can you post screen shots of how it look in browse mode and layout mode?

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                Here's how it looks in layout mode with the white box 'dropped' into the second tab. I have deleted and redone the tabs and now if you click on them it highlights the tab button (more than it was doing before) but still nothing happens. 

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                  Was going to send you a screen shot of it in browse mode but it looks exactly the same. 

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                    Is the black panel what you would have expected to see on the 'Mother' tab?  What happens when you click on the Pupil Info tab?  What is the white box over the tab name of this Mother's Details tab?

                    Did you group all of the objects before you pasted them on to the tab?  (It would be better if you didn't.)

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                      Also, can you extend the Body line down, and then move all of the Tab Panel out of the header and fully into the Body Part, please?

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                        Sorry you're losing me. You said to create a black box and a white box so I did this in layout, they don't correspond with the particular fields (ie mothers name) I've tried pasting into the tab with grouping and without grouping info. It never moves off this page (pupil info) all it does is paste it ontop of the tab name as the white box has done. 

                        Ok I think I've done what you said, take a look. 

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                          Can you post a copy of the file (a clone, if there is any sensitive data in it) to a filesharing site, or dropbox?  Maybe I am unfamiliar with the mac interface, but why are the tab panels now over to the right, and the fields etc where they were?  (I couldn't see behind the white box, so i thought the tab name was 'Mother'.)

                          I think the fields are not contained inside the tab panel.

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                            I have absolutely no idea, I did what you said and dragged the tabs to the side and everything stayed the same. I can create a file with fake data if you like then screen shot it. Is that what you're looking for? 

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                              If I drag files out of pupil info screen onto medical info screen while it's still moved across to the right it will do it BUT when I then drag all the tabs back it just overwrites - I'll show you! - first image - working with it on the right 

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                                This is what happens when I drag it back (and the medical tab which I've dragged the 2 fields, D.O.B and address into)

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                                  sorry forgot attachment!

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                                    The tab panel has moved because you dragged the tab panel to the side.  I didn't ask you to do that.

                                    If you move the black box over on to the tab that is highlighted (Medical) and go back into browse mode, does it show up when you click on the medical tab?

                                    Does it go away if you click on another tab?

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