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Tabs in Calculation Not Triggering

Question asked by jwshelton22 on Mar 5, 2014
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Tabs in Calculation Not Triggering


     I am using FM12Adv on Windows.

     Here is my calculation. All fields are within the same table.

     ProductName.c & Char(9) & Insert_Commas(Sales Income Y1) & Char(9) & Insert_Commas (UnitsSold Y1) & Char(9) & AnnualGrowthRate & ".0%" & Char(9) & AnnualPriceIncrease & ".0%"

     Tab Points within Inspector are set at:
     95 pt
     222 pt
     292 pt
     356 pt
     386 pt
     422 pt

     With field width set at: 426

     All tabs are Right.

     Whenever the data in ProductName.c (first field in calc) is short, less than 17 characters, the tabs are not triggered.

     I am not sure why.

     I have attached a jpg with correct tab performance  on top and wrong on bottom.