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    Tabs in scripting



      Tabs in scripting


      When writing a script, in navigation, how do I ...

      1. indicate to open a certain layout tab.

      2. Go to the next record.

      I have search high and low in solutions but often it's knowing what question to ask, lol.  I am using FMP12Adv


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          Easiest way is to give the tab an object name and within the tab use the command 'goto tab'

          other option is to use a 'goto field' script step and point to a field on that particular tab

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            Thanks for that Beckett

            I can't see a "Goto Tab"


            in "go to field" it doesn't seem to differentiate which tab that field is on?  Many fields are on different tabs and I don't get the choice?

            Also you say "point to a field" - Can you double click a field on a layout whilst you are in the write script window?  Do you have to be in "Edit Layout" at that time.  As far as I can see, you can only indicate a field from your list of fields in the popup window with the list of fields.  No indication of which layout.




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              not a goto tab, on layout mode, click on the tab once, then click again and the tab will be selected, you can then use the inspector to give the physical tab a name


              in scripting use the goto object function

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                And to explain the use of go to field, that step puts the cursor in the specified field. If you use this step to put the cursor in a field on a specific tab panel, that tab panel will pop to the front just like Go to Object will.