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    Tabs Not Behaving



      Tabs Not Behaving


      I created 3 tabs. I had 15 fields of which I wanted to place 5 under each tab.  When I put t of my fields in one, they show up in each tab.  If I place another 5 in another tab these also show up in all tabs.  How do I make each set of 5 fields show up in each of my three tabs individually?

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          Try this:

          Create your tab control.

          Go to the first tab and add the first five fields.

          Go to the second tab and add the next five fields, and so on.

          Make sure that the fields are fully enclosed within each tab. If the fields extend beyond the edges of the tab, even by one pixel, they'll appear on all the tabs.



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            Thank you.  That did the trick.  I was not making my tab rectangle fill the entire page.  As soon as I did, everything worked great.