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    TABs not working properly



      TABs not working properly


      I am using the trial version of Pro 10.   I created 2 tabs. In the tab control, both are set as default. I see no other option. And they don't work. One sits on top of the other and the bottom one is overlaid by the other. The tab created last is on top. How do you get them to show different panels and not obscure the other. They work in the templates I've examined like "research notes"

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             You should have 1 tab control with 2 panels. Name each panel. I am having a slightly hard time following you.
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            In research notes, go to layout mode, right click on a tab and choose Tab Control Setup.

            You will see there are five tabs in the settings, they appear in the order listed. 

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              Boy am I totally confused.  I don't see anything called a panel. What I think of as the panel is the box below the tab name box.

              And when I created a second tab, creates another one. They move them around as one object. But if one is over the other, when I click the underneath one, it doesn't come up to the surface and hide the other tab panel.



              [title]                       [URL]

              |----------------|     |----------------- |

              |                      |     |     url panel         |

              |  title panel       |     |----------------- |


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                DUH!!!  I am an idiot....now I get it!!!!!  I was inserting tabs twice instead of creating 2 tabs within the first one!!!  Thanks for that.....I've only been working with this for a week!!  But I love it! I just could not get this untill now. Thanks