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Tabs, Portals and Filtering

Question asked by RyanJordan on May 15, 2013
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Tabs, Portals and Filtering


     New user here so if I miss any pertinent information, please let me know.

     Using FMP12, PC version.

     I have a Layout with several tabs. The over-arching idea is to click on a tab and have the portal view come up already filtering the connects labeled on the tab.  I have set up a global field and linked it back to its parent. The global field currently is used to populate multiple records. Example: for each building, I may have multiple rooms. Each room is a separate record, but each room has four walls, a floor and a ceiling. Those fields are listed within the global field.

     So ideas I have had have been filtering the portal using a variety of terms (I can't find one yet that helps). Using a script that links the tab to selecting the global field and thus displaying the portal correctly. (This seems to be a work around and I am not sure a script can do that?). or perhaps not using a global field? The only issue is that I need a way to have multiple records be populated using terms from the global field, ie. floors would be the first field to be filled out, then room name.

     I have included a screen capture to provide some more detailed information on the relationships.