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Tabulating a list

Question asked by RGoyette on May 11, 2011
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Tabulating a list


I have a database of proposals that lists the name of the principal investigator as well as other team members.  Lets say I have two-hundred proposals, and  John Smith is the principal investigator on twelve of them.  I want a script that finds all twelve of John's proposals, getting the proposal number and title and then sends him an email asking him to review all his proposals, listing them on seperate lines, showing the proposal number and title on each line.  I do not want to include in that list proposals where he is a team member, but not the principal investigator.

I can perform a simple find that shows the proposals where he is the PI, but I am having trouble generating the list of twelve proposals (number and title concatinated) to include in the email.


FileMaker Pro version 11 on WIndows 7.