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    tag clouds in FileMaker



      tag clouds in FileMaker


      Greetings forum,

      Here is the requirement:

      (multi-user database with about 50 users simultaneously accessing it. Filemaker Pro 10 clients + server)

      Need to create a tag cloud where:

      The visual display of existing tags has:

      the most popular searched tags are shown with correspondingly large fonts

      the most recently entered tags are shown with correspondingly large fonts

      the tags font size is determined by an assigned weight.

      The user should be able to assign multiple tags to a given record by selecting/clicking on the tags in the tag cloud above. The assigned tags should go into a comma separated list of tags for the current record.

      If no tag is present, the user should be able to add to the tag list.

      The questions are:

      Is there a way to do this in the Filemaker Pro UI ? Is it easy (i.e. perhaps, does not require the development of an addon.)

      If not, what are the options?

      thanks in advance!

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          There are text functions that can be used to assign font size to text in a field. Thus, an expression can probably be crafted that changes the font size based on a "tagged" field that counts the number of tags and maybe a comparison to a summary field that returns the maximum of this same tagged field. If the records where sorted by how frequently they've been tagged, a conditional format based on record number might also work.

          I'm guessing you would show the "cloud" of records that might be tagged in a portal for the current record--where you associate the list of tagged records. I'd use a related table and create a new record in this table each time a new tag entry is added. Then the calculation: Substitute ( List ( Relatedtable::TagID ) ; ¶ ; ", " ) will give you your comma separated list.

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            Thanks a lot philmod. Let me try and digest that and try a prototype and I will get back with what I find. I am -very- new to FileMaker and am a one man team for now. Wish there was an IRC channel named #filemaker

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              Did you ever make this? How did it work? I was thinking of doing the same sometime but hadn't dived in to how. It's on my "cool to have" but not required list". I also think it would be good to have tags to include common mispellings of a customer name ot item or whatever, in order to assist searching and prevent duplicates. 


              I look forward to hearing about what you came up with. 



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                Amy, I suggest that you start a new thread and post your question in it. Threads this old do not appear in Recent Items when a new comment is added and thus few will see your comment. I only spotted this one by accident while looking thru the list for another one.