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    Tags checkbox



      Tags checkbox



           from database persepctive I have: Item --<ItemTags>--Tags

           each item can have many tags.

           the administrator can edit the tags table and add tags.

           for the search, I'll use the Or logic.

           My question is from the layout perspective, i'm avoiding the portal, in my Item layout data entry screen can I display the list of tags in a kind of checkboxes and the user check the tags he wants?


           many thanks

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               Yes checkbox set use value list.  Create a value list and selet use value from field, then click specify field.

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                 Why do you want to avoid the portal? A portal can be easformatted to look like a vertically arranged list of check box values. A calculation field or layout text with a conditional format can show which values in the list have been selected for the current record.

                 See the "checkboxes" example in this demo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyir7cs0yxmbn6i/ManyToManywDemoWExtras.fp7

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                   I checked the demo, interessting. thanks.

                   but what i need is slightly different: I want to let the user to select a predefined value of tags bu checking checkboxes.

                   I mean i want to displau the lsi/t of all predefined tags and it is up to the user to check this tab or/and another  and then it will be saved in the table ItemTags. possible my genius

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                     That is exactly what the demo does, but the names and type of data is different.

                     The portal funcitons as a check box list of all contacts available to link to a given event. Clicking the "checkbox" (really a button with conditional formatting) then either adds or removes a record in the Event_Contact join table to mimic the behavior of selecting or clearing a check box.

                     A conditional format then makes layout text appear or disappear to show whether or not that contact was selected.

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                       it works, thanks!