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    Tagwords and analysis



      Tagwords and analysis


      Hi all,


      I would like to add any number of tagwords to each record, e.g.:


      record 1: monkey, hat  

      record 2: monkey, hat, lemon etc.  


      As my database expands, I will need a running analysis of how many times each tagword has appeared in the whole database, and some way of seeing all the 'monkey' records, all the 'hat' records, and all the 'monkey, hat' records. Any ideas?





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          John, it sounds like you need to simply run a series of find routines in a script. The script could be used in your opening script or run from a button located on a layout such as a menu layout. 


          Show All Records

          Perform Find (tagword = "monkey" )

          Set Field (Global Field 1 = Get(FoundCount)

          Show All Records

          Perform Find (tagword = "hat" )

          Set Field (Global Field 2 = Get(FoundCount)




          The above partial script would only show the number of times a tagword has been used.



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               Thanks! Works perfectly. :smileyvery-happy: