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Take a find to a next step

Question asked by appt on Oct 10, 2013
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Take a find to a next step



     I have a perform find set up and working fine but I need to take it one step further.

     Lets say that you perform the find (in my case you are finding members of a particular cricket team). The find works and you can click backwards and forwards through the found set. 

     However what i want to be able to do is have a drop down list on a (coaching plan) layout that is populated after the find is performed with just the names of the players that are in that team.

     At the moment when I turn it into a pop up/drop down menu the only option seems to be to populate it with all records rather than just the found set.

     I need it to work like this. (I can do 1 - 3)

     1. Select a team. 

     2. Find only the players on that team.

     3. Go to a layout

     4. On that layout there are 5 different drop downs that must only be populated with the found names.

     5. The coach then selects one player per drop down so that you have 5 different players shown on the layout who are going to practice bowling during that session.

     Next session, you might choose a different 5. There is no reason to store that data beyond the session on the day.

     Hope someone can help as it is driving me nuts.