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Taking Class Attendance - Portals?

Question asked by TaylorWilliamson on Jun 28, 2014
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Taking Class Attendance - Portals?


     Hi guys! I'm designing an additional element to a huge database for a college marching band. We are making it so we can take attendance using new RIFD technology and FileMaker Go. My question has to do with the structure of taking and recording the attendance.

     I want the attendance operator to be able to "Start New Session" that is defined by Date, Description, and what ever else. All records would then be marked as ABSENT. As the students check in, the scanning script will find the student (based on ID) and mark him or her as "PRESENT". 

     The issue I'm dealing with is whether or not it is best to use a portal and have the script create a new row for each student as it finds the student and then change the "Attendance Status" field. Is there a better way of doing this?

     I am looking for the fastest and smoothest option because we are going to be working on iPhones over LTE and VPN to connect to the database. The simpler the process the better. What are you thoughts?!