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    Taking picture and save in database



      Taking picture and save in database


           I have this data base created that I would like to take a picture and attach to data base hope this is possible.?


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               Pictures may be inserted into container field in File maker to "attach it to the database". The exact details will depend on your camera, software associated with it or (much simpler) if you are doing this with an iOS device's camera with a copy of your database open in FileMaker Go on that device.

               We are required to take pictures of our customers with certain materials that they are bringing in to sell to us. We use ordinary digital cameras equipped with eyeFi SD cards to take pictures and automatically save them to a shared directory. Scripts in the database routinely import these images into a table in the database, and display the newly imported pictures in a list so that our users can click to select the picture they need in order to link it to the customer's receipt. This required setting up the eyeFi software, the network, FileMaker and some system scripts to pull this all off in an older version of FileMaker.