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Tallying individual item sales by name and assigning to customer?

Question asked by onamac on Oct 10, 2012
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Tallying individual item sales by name and assigning to customer?


     I will have a database for digital download Products, and one for Customers. What I want to do is have a list or report of  how many of each product were sold, in addition to $ of sales. I've looked over the Sales and inventory type templates that 'come' with Filemaker and the BPS 3.0 solution suite (I am using version 10). The ready-made templates I looked at do reports of the sales figure $ tallies, but not the product quantity sales breakdowns. Inventory doesn't really help me much since these are unlimited digital products that will never be out of stock. I just want a running tally of "Product 1 has sold 200 times", and in the customer list, keep track of what items they have bought.

     Since on an invoice, there may be many line items showing each individual item. So I'd want these items to be summed up in a report from any customers who bought it.  

     The second thing is how to handle repeat customers. For example, a customer may buy item 1, then come back a month later and buy item 2. So I'd also want the customer to be combined so that the customer name is not listed twice like being 2 customers, so I'd want the name to be recognized then have the sale items (and future sales items) assigned to that one customer.

     I would be importing the sales records from PayPal.

     Is this too complicated to set up in Filemaker? If not, how would I go about doing this? I was going to start from scratch which I've done before, but it may be better to modify a ready-made template that's already structured with reports and such.

     A developer with software sales would have this kind of information for his customers, so it's typical sale detail information. They would also keep track of serial numbers. I just don't know how to do it in Filemaker.

     Thank you!