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Targeting repetitions in a container field

Question asked by silba2021 on Jul 7, 2010
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Targeting repetitions in a container field


In my products table I have a container field for images. Since I need to show the various stages in the development of the product, each record could have several images. So I set the number of repetitions for the container to 5.

In the layout I have the container laid out horizontally and under each of the five repeating containers I have a button with an optional script parameters (#'s 1-5) that runs an insert picture script (after a Get (ScriptParameter)). So I have managed to get multiple images into this field. The size of the images are that of  thumbnails.

My next step was to turn the thumbnail images into buttons that uses another layout in a new window to display the images in its original resolution. The problem is I can only seem to target the first image, I have tried to use the optional script parameter for this too, not too successfully.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks