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Task List Creation Issue - HELP!

Question asked by hwminc on Oct 25, 2012
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Task List Creation Issue - HELP!


     Wondering if someone can help me out. I have three tables - Tasks, Tasks 2 and Tasks 3, each one is linked to a different table for a specific type of contact. What I'm trying to do is show only the tasks for that type of contact from the specified table in a specific layout for the specific type of contact. The problem is that when a 'Prospect' task is created, it shows up in the Prospect Task Layout just fine, but when I add a Task for a Media Contact, that one shows up (all the address and phone fields are blank) as well in the Prospect Task layout. I want to have the different types of contact tasks show up only in their respective Task layouts, but they are all showing up in every one. Anyone know how to rectify this? I thought perhaps it was a sort issue at first, but soon realized that wasn't it. Thanks in advance!!