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    Task Management Template operations.



      Task Management Template operations.


      Can't find method used to update Task_status to "overdue" when start_date and due_date in Task Management Template.

      I have checked the fields,cals, Value tables.

      Using filemaker Pro Advanced 10-on a MAC---used the data view but can't find how this works.

      I have some project data and task data and the Start Date (auto enter- creation date) and changed the Due date, at some point the Task Status changed to overdue.


      I have used filemaker for 15 years--but am not a high level programmer.


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             I don't know your circumstances, but for most people a task woud be overdue when DueDate has passed AND the task hasn't been completed yet - which in Filemaker syntax could be something like =

          Case ( Get (CurentDate) > DueDate and not CompletedDate ; "Overdue" )

          Note that if used in a calculation field, the field must be unstored.