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Task/Subtask report where not all task have subtasks.

Question asked by PhilHarper on Mar 18, 2014
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Task/Subtask report where not all task have subtasks.


     Guys I apologize in advance for this because I know this has to be a "nobrainer". But I’m struggling. The problem is simple, I have two tables, Task and Subtask, I want to create a list report showing task as the heading and its child subtask listed below. Thought this is simple using a subsummary report on the Subtask table, putting the “Task” in the Subsummary part, but of cause if a task does not have any subtask it will not show up in the list because the report is based on the Subtask table. The only thing I can think of is creating an automated merged table as each record is created and basing the report on that. Thoughts? Cause I could do in a layout, but then the tasks with no subtasks would have big gaps in the list.