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Taxable Line Items  ::  A new Challenge...

Question asked by paintboothguy on Apr 7, 2010
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Taxable Line Items  ::  A new Challenge...


Good Morning All, 


Our invoicing and sales tax calculations have been running along smoothly until...


My partner tried to generate an invoice wherein some of the products (line items in a portal) needed to be non-taxable.


Currently the method for calculating sales tax at the bottom of an invoice is:


Case (Tax Checkbox = "Taxable" ; 

Round ( All Invoices::Sub Total * All Invoices::Sales Tax Rate LU; 2 ) ; Tax Checkbox = "Not Taxable" ; 0)


FYI, the field <All Invoices::Sub Total> refers to:

<Sum ( Line Items::Extended Retail Price )>


So here is the dilemma:  The formula above will calculate sales tax for ALL line items present in the portal.


Can anyone suggest a method to mark line item amounts as 'taxable' or 'not-taxable', then sales tax could be calculated using a 'taxable total' field instead of the sub total field.


....or maybe this approach is wrong; I'm not sure.