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Taxes with 2 portals

Question asked by PeterLorenzo on May 31, 2013
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Taxes with 2 portals


     First off, thank you for reading and possible helping.

     I have a invoice I have made.  I recently added a new portal to the mix.  I was using just the original from the Starter Solutions, but then I realized I wanted one just dedicated to Org Services.  I have to have the choice of taxing this or not, so I created another tax checkbox.  I have gotten the amounts of the 2 portals to total, I just can't seem to get the top portal to tax the amount, and tax the next portal at the same time, and total.  I have included a screen shot to look at.  I know it is a calculation......I tried to copy the calculation from the first taxable checkbox, but that didn't work......I am learning FM as I go....Can someone please help me?  If you need more screen shots or a copy of the database file, please let me know.  I am more than happy to email it to you for help.

     Thanks, Jennifer