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    TCP/IP open file maker.



      TCP/IP open file maker.


      Dear all

      recently , i converted my data base and files from file maker 5.5 , Document System

      I'm using a computer ,connected on the network , and by TCP/IP , sharing DOCSTART on a shared storage that the users double click it and open and make entries and save and print.

      in the old 5.5  version , just by set the TCP/IP and you can open and save from all users computer

      now after successfully convert from 5.5 to 11 . I'm using the same way , (user copy and open DOCSTART Ver ) from their PC 

      it's working when enabling sharing > TCP/IP  then from FILE > Open Remote > choosing the IP Address (server IP address ) and file name  , and it's working properly ,

      But i don't know how to save it !! 

      i need to open it directly just like before without doing all these steps !

      best regards

      Thank you


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          "i need to open it directly just like before without doing all these steps !"

          That's a very bad idea and it was a dangerous way to do this with 5.5 as well. Opening a shared file directly without using Open Remote risks damaging your file.

          See this Knowledge Base Article: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7616/kw/sharing

          Can you explain what you mean by "saving" it? Filemaker saves your data automatically, so there is no need to "save" your data. If you need to save a copy of the file, you can use Save a copy as from the File menu.

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            Dear PhilModjunk

            opening 5.5 via TCP IP , still using and no problem , i mean , all user open and work on , (Save mean on the server computer)

            when they open , they just click on the version file , (i have two version data base) and it open dicertly  (1 step)

            the new version , i have to click on file > remote > choose the server IP and the open ,, and work properly ,,

            my question is , do i need to do this every time , i want to save it. to always open it with one click .

            thanks and regards


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              The fact that you were able to do this in 5.5 doesn't mean it was a safe thing to do there.

              FileMaker files save their data automatically. There is no option to save that data.

              You do need to do that every time and should have done so with 5.5 as well. You can create a small file to save on your machine that runs a script to remotely open the hosted file. This script can be set to run automatically. Then you can double click this "opener file" to automatically open the hosted file without having to use Open Remote... as the script will do that for you.