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TCP/IP open file maker.

Question asked by tamer.abumariam on Jul 12, 2011
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TCP/IP open file maker.


Dear all

recently , i converted my data base and files from file maker 5.5 , Document System

I'm using a computer ,connected on the network , and by TCP/IP , sharing DOCSTART on a shared storage that the users double click it and open and make entries and save and print.

in the old 5.5  version , just by set the TCP/IP and you can open and save from all users computer

now after successfully convert from 5.5 to 11 . I'm using the same way , (user copy and open DOCSTART Ver ) from their PC 

it's working when enabling sharing > TCP/IP  then from FILE > Open Remote > choosing the IP Address (server IP address ) and file name  , and it's working properly ,

But i don't know how to save it !! 

i need to open it directly just like before without doing all these steps !

best regards

Thank you