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    Teacher solution?



      Teacher solution?


      Has anyone came across a good teacher solution including daily notes & marks, test result lists, student & check lists etc.?

      I tried FM's own solution, but it does not offer anything for the daily stuff. And I'm not fit enough to create my own database.

      Thanks a lot!


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          I have a few thoughts.

          Can you "glue together" a few different templates one based on a specific feature you need?  Alternatively, have you looked at Bento?  Might it have some options for you.  Finally, I was in a very similar situation to you and found the missing manual book for FileMaker very helpful.  Creating my own custom solution was a lot easier then I thought and fun to boot.  If you go that route I would seggest you start with the feature you need the most and use a template for that.  Then start building from there.

          Good luck!


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            I've been looking for exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason! And, unfortunately got exactly the same results... I did find one solution but it seems to have been altered beyond recognition and packaged into a standalone (paid for) project. The other solutions I've come across are for running a whole school.

            As MSpsi said, have you looked ay Bento? I started with that and have been happily using it since v1, but my needs have outgrown its abilities. I needed something more powerful for data analysis and Excel was not giving me the results I needed. I moved to FileMaker and the initial Bento work was easily imported.

            However, I have found that if you try something then ask for help there are plenty of good folk on this forum who can give you pointers in the right direction - for example there is the thread I started asking for help with seating plans.

            Perhaps we should invite all teachers using filemaker to get together in a forum of our own :)

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              Hm... I bought Bento right when it came out but I was very disappointed. Compared to FM, it's a toy.