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    teacher trying to help but in over his head.



      teacher trying to help but in over his head.


      I am school teacher working overseas at a small international school that is many years behind in tech. I am attempting to teach myself how to use FM Pro to gather teacher report card info (excel files) into one FMP file and then automate the mailing of PDF report cards. So, my to hurdles at the moment are:

      1) I need FM to make a PDF file of each record and email using the parent email address field by running through all records.

      I called FM tech support and got some help on how to set up a basic loop but was told I would need to learn how to use a variable to complete the script.

      Can you take a look at the script I have so far and tell me what I need to type in to complete the task.

      Here is a link to my script so far:


      2) What would be the best way for me to merge/import multiple teachers data. My thought is that instead of having all teachers send me their individual files we could us a Google shared Excel doc and then I could import that into FM Pro (I am the only person with FM Pro at the school so they have to use Excel).

      3) Once all the data is into FM Pro I dont know how to solve the issue of makig FM Pro skip those fields that are empty (classes the student is not taking) and only import into the classes they have data for. In other words, my form is repeated down 8 sheets, the average number of classes a student has. But then again, I don't want to generate blank pages either, is there a way to only make FM Pro have a merge  the resulting PDF only ude those pages that get their merge fields completed? Is the answer something like a 'conditional merge' field? e.g. IF field >0 then get field data or IF field contains text then get field data?

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          Thank you for your post.


          Your script looks fine, but you should make a few modifications.


          Insert the script step:


          Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]


          at the beginning.  This will ensure you start with the first record in your found set.


          In your "Save Records as PDF" script step, you may want to select the option "Perform without dialog", "Specify the output file" (and reference a field name for the file name), and "Specify options" Save current record.  Then, the next script step Send Mail is probably fine where you attach the PDF file referenced above.


          Since the teachers are using Excel, FileMaker will allow you to import Excel files, so use this option when importing.


          If certain fields are empty, you can insert the script step:


          If [ IsEmpty ( <fieldname> ) ]


          That is, if a specific fieldname is empty, then do something.  Or, you could use:


          If [ not IsEmpty 9 <fieldname> ) ]


          ... to check if a specific fieldname is not empty.


          This should get you pointed in the right direction.



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            Thanks TSGal,


            I have been working on the project and finally wrapped it up.   We went with another route to the problem via a through of nested IF Then statements.



            take care,