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    Technique to display info in portals



      Technique to display info in portals


           I would like to create a layout that contains 2 portals of a related table. The Parent table contains customer satisfaction Surveys. The child table contains Contact records with dates, Notes, etc.

           Portal 1 will be a list of of all contact records related to a specific survey sorted by date. Clicking on a specific row in Portal 1 would display the Notes field in a larger Portal 2.

           I've tried using Go To Related record but this technique doesn't automatically update the contents of Portal 2. e.g. clicking on row 2, 3 etc. in portal 1 doesn't update the content of the Notes field in Portal 2. 


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               I've read the thread. Thank you.

               Given that the problem involved one parent table and one child table, I don't understand the need for a third table, "grandchildren" or the content of this table. I also didn't see any mention of "grandchildren" in the original post.


          Your layouts would be based on Parents and your Master portal would refer to Children. The trick is to get a portal to Grandchildren that displays the correct set of portal records when a button is clicked in the Master portal...


          to do that, we need a new relationship to a different occurrence of the Grandchldren table:

               I'm assuming the words, Parent, Child and Grandparents are abstractions representing the hierarchy of relationships.

               In my case, The "parent" is Surveys and the "child" is Notes. 

               Do I need a third table to display two portal views of the Notes table? One portal listing all Notes and another showing just one field from the selected row in the first table?


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                 You've indicated that you want two portals on your layout. That implies a relationship between three table occurrences: 1 for the layout and 1 for each portal.

                 The layout's table occurrence is the Parent

                 The first portal, the "master" portal refers to Child

                 The "detail" or second portal shows related grandchildren.

                 And please visit the link provided where I explain the notation that I used in much more detail with pictures to show how what I typed as text translates into table occurrences in the relationship graph.