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Technique to Show reasons records are omitted

Question asked by sccardais on Jul 8, 2014
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Technique to Show reasons records are omitted


     I am looking for suggestions on how to create a field containing reasons that a record has been omitted from a mailing list.

     Our customer database has about 30,000 records with many fields that are used to filter (omit) records from various emailing projects. e.g. Marketing may want to omit records for different reasons than Customer Support. The customer database grows monthly and the values in each field may change from month to month.

     I would like one or more scripts that sequentially went through all the reasons for omission, flagged the record temporarily if it met a condition and also added a text description of the reason to a text field. There could be many (20 or more) reasons for a record to be omitted.

     I assume this field (WhyOmitted) would be a text field containing either  comma or return separated values set by a step in the script. If a record met more than one condition, the field would contain all the reasons.

     I know how to set the value in a field but not sure how to concatenate text strings and also not sure if this field should be comma separated or return separated.

     Any suggestions would be appreciated.