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Telephone/Email communication management query

Question asked by escargot on Feb 10, 2010
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Telephone/Email communication management query


Hi all,


Hopefully someone will be able to provide me with a little assistance with a problem I'm having.


As per the instructions on posting a help request, here is some background detail:


FM Version: 10.0v3

Mac OS X: Leopard (up to date)

My knowledge: 4 maybe 5 out of 10. I'm newish to FM but pretty IT literate and have designed and built mysql/php databases.

Context: The database has been designed as a CRM tool. We store candidate, client & job information in three tables. This all works fine.


The problem:

Currently, I have a free text field called 'Contact Notes'. This field is modifiable by all users. When they telephone a client, they'll update this field with a record of the call. However, the negative of this is where someone wants to change/delete a note previously, they are able to and the only way I'll find out is by looking at a backup. Whilst I trust my staff, as we expand there will more than likely be more conflicts where people decide to alter notes in an attempt to hide a **bleep**-up.


What I would like is a system that enables you to enter a note, click save, and that note then appears in an unmodifiable (except by admin) portal window that is viewable by all. Similar to the way insert works in mysql i guess.


To do this, I started off by copying the relevant scripts, tables & layouts from the template 'Contact Management' found in quick launch. This works to a degree insofar as it will allow people to submit date stamped notes as per the way I'd like them to be able to. The problem is, they can also then modify these notes via the portal window.


I've tried to play around with the script, tables, user privileges but so far, nothing seems to be working.


if you wanted to replicate the problem, the quickest way to do it would be to create a new contact management database (located in the templates section of quicklaunch), click notes and see how that works. I'd like it to do a similar thing but without the ability to modify or delete basically.


Any help or pointers hugely appreciated.