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Telephony with FMP?

Question asked by MelJackson on Feb 16, 2013
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Telephony with FMP?


     I'm trying to write a solution for people who work in the home building industry.  I would like to have them clock in and out via their phone.  This would be incredibly simple if FMPro had a GO for Android. ( I wonder if FileMaker really understands how much they are restricting developers by not having this functionality?)  It's kind of a hard sell to go to a company and say...

     "I've got the perfect solution for you!!  But you've got to buy all new cell phones for all of your employees!"

     Anyway, I digress.....

     I would like forr a user to be able to dial a phone number that would be connected to a FileMaker database.  The user would enter answers to voice prompts....
     "Would you like to clock in?"  1 for Yes 2 for No" ,
     "Please enter your project number", etc.

     Does anyone know if the technology is available?